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Ever thought of choosing herbal medicine with no side effects ?..

Dia-B-Micron Forte

Dia-B-Micron Forte is safe & reliable supplement for effective management of sugar control, joint pain, obesity & boost insulin production for diabetic patients.

Pain Kranti

10 authentic herbs mixed in right proportion gives you the best of ayurveda to relive you from all muscular and joint pain for regular use.


Arthritol is a vital and valuable herbal medicine that restore and motivates mobility of the joints and offers a distress free alternative against joint pains.


Micronflax, rich in Omega 3, 6 & 9, easy to swallow & readily dissolves in the gastric juices of the digestive tract making it very effective for cholesterol.

Micron Herbal Supplemnets

Come home to an age-old way of healing. Get Ayurvedic supplements for Diabetes, Arthritis, Cholesterol & more.

20 Microns Diabetes Center

Diabetes currently affects more than 62 million Indians, which is more than 7.1% of the adult population. We operate as an NGO & offers a complete solution to diabetic patients in Vadodara .

Authentic Wellness

Our each product passes under the supervision of a qualified physician with a recognized degree in Ayurveda. Welcome to the home of Ayurveda. Welcome to 20 Microns Herbal.


We are 24X7 online with a dedicated staff to help you with all your health & product queries related queries. Message us in Chat option.

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