Dia-B-Micron Forte | Daily Diabetes Supplement

A good companion for balancing body’s blood sugar level, naturally.

Proven Solutions for

Boosts body’s Insulin production.

Reduces the adverse effect of Rx medications.

Helps the body in using Insulin efficiently


It boosts the body’s Insulin Production.

It helps the body in utilizing the insulin at its best.

It helps in balancing the body’s blood sugar level naturally.

It helps clean the blood.

It is antioxidant in nature and shows antispasmodic properties.

It reduces the adverse effect of Rx medications on the body.

It supports in IGT cases – Impaired Glucose Tolerance.

It has Anti-Inflammatory and Analgesic Effects.



Causes of Diabetes

It is always advisable to know and understand the factors causing Diabetes. While Type 1 Diabetes is caused by the factors like genes, family history, and other environmental factors like viruses, the chemical toxin in food or lifestyle, Type 2 Diabetes is mostly associated with the obesity, lack of exercise, unhealthy eating habits, etc. Genetic mutations, hormonal diseases, unhealthy lifestyle, over-consumption of alcohol, damage to or removal of the pancreas, and even some medicines are found to cause diabetes in patients.

Why Buy From 

20 Microns Herbal

Dia-B-Micron Forte

Dia-B-Micron Forte is one of the best Ayurvedic medicines for diabetes that can be effectively used for the management of sugar control.

It is a perfect blend of herbs like Bitter Melon, Dita Bark, Java Plum, Ginger, Chhotaa Chirayataa and many other herbs having significant medicinal benefits on health.

This supplement is not only for diabetic patients but also for non-diabetic patients as it helps them in maintaining their B.M.I level and enhances the weight loss for obese people.

Dia-B-Micron Forte is the diabetes management Ayurvedic medicine everyone should include in diet and take a step forward for a better and healthier life.

Good Ingredients

Better Benefits

Having some of the best Ayurvedic herbs as a part of its core content, Dia-B-Micron Forte is packed with innumerable health benefits and advantages.


It has been used as herbal remedy for a range of ailments, including Type 2 Diabetes. It contains minimum 3 active substances that show anti-diabetic properties. Bitter Melon has blood-glucose lowering effect as well.


Being the key ingredient of curries and other Indian recipes, Fenugreek shows many remarkable medicinal properties especially in treating the Type 2 Diabetes. It is very high in soluble fiber that helps in lowering the blood sugar level by slowing down the digestion.


It is a fruit with several health benefits. Nutrients like Jambosin compounds, alkaloid and Jambolin glycosides present in Java Plums help in breaking down the sugar in to energy, so that the blood sugar levels become more stable.


It helps in improving the long-term blood sugar control for people with Type 2 Diabetes. Ginger rich in gingerols, which increases the uptake of glucose into muscle cells without and assist in the management of high blood sugar level.