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  • Arthritis


    Arthritol is a vital and valuable herbal medicine that restore and motivates mobility of the joints and offers a distress free alternative against joint pains.

  • Diabetes

    Dia-B-Micron Forte

    Dia-B-Micron Forte is safe & reliable supplement for effective management of sugar control, joint pain, obesity & boost insulin production for diabetic patients.

  • Cough

    Koff Kranti – Cough Syrup

    11 authentic herbs, researched well on coughing problems are used to produce highly effective and safe herbal cough syrup in Anti Spoon Bottle.

  • Cholesterol


    Micronflax, rich in Omega 3, 6 & 9, easy to swallow & readily dissolves in the gastric juices of the digestive tract making it very effective for cholesterol.